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Ticket Analysis Report

Use this template to document the justification for addressing service desk improvement, the results of your analysis, and your next steps.

Analyze Your Service Desk Ticket Data

Analyze your ticket data to continually mature your daily, weekly, and monthly service desk processes.
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Analyze Your Service Desk Ticket Data – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out how analyzing your service desk ticket data can improve your operations, add business value, and have a positive impact on...

Service Desk Ticket Analysis Tool

Use this tool to help you identify trends and patterns in your ticket data to action improvement initiatives.

Analyze Your Service Desk Ticket Data – Phases 1-3

Avoid the pains of ticket analysis by standardizing your ticket data and ticket data analysis to improve service desk processes.

UCaaS in 2022: Top Three Trends

This note highlights the top three trends to watch for in the 2022 UCaaS marketspace: AR/VR digital workspaces will see sustained investment; UCaaS and customer...

Interview: Zendesk and the State of the CCaaS Market

John Aniano, Senior Vice President of Product in CRM applications at Zendesk, sat down with Info-Tech to discuss the current state of the contact center as a service...

The Half-Percent: How a Few Awful Individuals Increasingly Threaten Our Future

The "half-percent" – the most destructive, the most obstructionist, and the most difficult and antisocial among us. While much of the world works toward relatively common...

Preventing World War Water

Lack of fresh water and sanitation is already widely known to be one of the leading causes of global mortality. However, the hidden cost of running out of water goes a...

Webinar: 2021 CIO Priorities Report – An Australia & New Zealand View

During this session we review the top five priorities that will help CIOs develop resilience to better confront the uncertainty and volatility of the year ahead, with a...
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