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Webinar: Define the Right Kind of PMO for IT and Your Organization

There is no such thing as a standard PMO. During this session we will discuss the importance of using organizational need as a foundation to esablishing your PMO manadate...

Project Coordinator

​The Project Coordinator role provides project management, operational, and administrative support to the project team, sponsor, and project manager.

Staff the PMO for Resilience – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why the common approached to PMO staffing just aren't working.

PMO Director

​As PMO Director, you will oversee the throughput of IT projects using portfolio management, project management, and organizational change management disciplines.

Portfolio Administrator

​The Portfolio Administrator role is focused on the consistent flow of current, accurate, and usable information from the steering committee to the PMO and project...

Blank Job Description Template

Use this template for your job descriptions.

Staff the PMO for Resilience Storyboard

Accountability is something that is not clearly defined for many activities that flow through the PMO. Business leaders, project workers and PMs are rarely as aligned as...

Project Manager

​The role of the Project Manager is to plan, execute, and finalize projects according to strict deadlines and within budget.

PMO Job Description Builder Workbook

This tool will help you assess staffing requirements to facilitate project management, business analysis, and organizational change management outcomes.

Staff the PMO for Resilience – Phase 1: Determine the Roles You Need

This phase of the blueprint, Staff the PMO for Resilience, will you understand your organizational structure, determine your staffing needs and create meaningful job...
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