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Build a Better Manager: Team Essentials – Phase 2: Performance Management

This phase of the blueprint Build a Better Manager will help you deliver practical training in performance management skills to first-time IT managers.

Performance Management Facilitation Guide

Use this customizable guide to facilitate manager training in performance management.

Performance Management Participant Workbook

Use this participant workbook in conjunction with the Performance Management Facilitation Guide to deliver training to first-time IT managers.

Moving From the Back Office to the Boardroom With IT Performance Metrics

Senior leaders need to understand their return on investment in terms of business outcomes. However, typical IT metrics do not resonate with the executive leadership. IT...

Set Meaningful Employee Performance Measures

Setting meaningful employee performance measures is a critical component of performance management. Set employees up for success by implementing measures that are...

Storyboard: Set Meaningful Employee Performance Measures

Effective employee measures are a key element of any organization’s performance management program. However, finding the right mix of measures to accurately capture...

Employee Performance Measures Template

The Employee Performance Measures Template provides an all-in-one tool for tracking your departmental goals, employee performance measures, reporting requirements, and...

Manager Handout: Set Meaningful Employee Performance Measures

Developing employee performance measures may seem like a daunting task for many time-strapped department heads and managers. This handout provides a concise yet...

Beyond Beginner Help Desk Performance Metrics

Defining help desk performance metrics can be difficult. Organizations with dedicated help desk environments must take the time to develop a performance tracking system...
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