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Make the Case for a Room-as-a-Platform Initiative

An industry strategic foresight trends report

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In-room technology brings guest satisfaction and operational efficiency, but there are still barriers to implementation:

  • An in-room technology initiative is not a CIO’s top priority.
  • The hotel must be selective in what projects to undertake, as the pandemic has affected the IT budget.
  • There is the concern that the technology selected for implementation won’t gain the expected ROI.
  • Executives and managed or franchised hotel owners are reluctant to invest in digital technology.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Transform your in-room technology initiative into a room-as-a-platform strategy by analyzing the four driving trends that embrace the elements of a digital ecosystem and marketing platform, which in turn will create and enhance a seamless guest-centric experience.

Impact and Result

  • Identify: As a methodology, strategic foresight flows from identifying signals to clustering the signals together to form trends and uncover what is driving them to determine which strategic initiatives are most likely to lead to success on an industry level.
  • Prioritize: Further customize the scores to your hotel by tailoring the generalized weightings on an organization-specific level and determining the relevancy and timing for your hotel. By doing so, your hotel can determine which trend and technology to prioritize for your room-as-a-platform initiative.
  • Persuade: After establishing what trend and technology to prioritize, develop a minimum viable business case with the help of the trends report elements to make the case for stakeholders.
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Make the Case for a Room-as-a-Platform Initiative Research & Tools

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Learn about the four key trends that will help transform your in-room technology initiative into a room-as-a-platform strategy.

1. Consumer Adaptive

Learn about the Consumer Adaptive trend and the drivers encouraging this technology in the guestroom.

2. Contactless Service

Learn about the Contactless Service trend and the drivers encouraging this technology in the guestroom.

3. Digital Sustainability

Learn about the Digital Sustainability trend and the drivers encouraging this technology in the guestroom.

4. Wow! Guest Experiences

Learn about the Wow! Guest Experiences trend and the drivers encouraging this technology in the guestroom.

5. Activities

Funnel trends into technological opportunities by determining what technology your hotel should prioritize and how to persuade stakeholders for approval.

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An industry strategic foresight trends report

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  • Jeff Fontenot, Vice President of Sales, Monscierge
  • Kal MacDonald, Director of Business Operations, Percipia
  • Michael Velasquez, Chief Executive Officer, Percipia
  • Hannah Walker, In-House Designer, Sinclair Holdings
  • Ted Maulucci, President, SmartONE Solutions
  • David Berger, Chief Executive Officer, Volara
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