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ERP Strategy Report Template

Use this template to record the outputs from the blueprint activities in build your ERP Strategy Report.

Application Portfolio Management Snapshot and Foundations Tool

Use this tool to store application information, execute rationalization, and build a portfolio roadmap your applications.

Application Portfolio Management Foundations Playbook

Use this template to build your application portfolio management playbook.

Application Portfolio Diagnostic Tool

Use this tool to gauge your current maturity level in terms of visibility into your portfolio and use application portfolio management practices and tools.

Application Portfolio Management Foundations – Phases 1-4

Application Portfolio Management Foundations establishes your core application inventory, simplified rationalization, redundancy comparison, and modernization roadmap in...

Application Portfolio Management Foundations

This blueprint will help you streamline and rationalize Application Portfolio Management by following our four-phase methodology: Lay Your Foundations, Improve Your...
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Application Portfolio Management Foundations – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why APM is a necessity for your organization and how to right-size it to your needs.

Webinar: Embrace Business-Managed Applications

The business wants greater empowerment in the tools and technologies they use. Apply the right practices to manage and address the risks of business-managed applications...

Embrace Business-Managed Applications – Phase 3: Build Your Roadmap

This phase of the blueprint, Embrace Business-Managed Applications, will help you roadmap your business-managed application implementation and initiatives to establish...

Embrace Business-Managed Applications – Phase 2: Design Your Framework & Governance

This phase of the blueprint, Embrace Business-Managed Applications, will help you select a management approach for your applications, develop an appropriate governance...
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